Toward the Geoscience Paper of the Future: Best practices for documenting and sharing research from data to software to provenance

Geoscientists now live in a world rich with digital data and methods, and their computational research cannot be fully captured in traditional publications. The Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) presents an approach to fully document, share, and cite all their research products including data, software, and computational provenance. This article proposes best practices for GPF authors to make data, software, and methods openly accessible, citable, and well documented.

Gil, Y., David, C., Demir I., Essawy, B., Fulweiler, R., Goodall, J., Karlstrom, L., Lee. H., Mills, H., Oh, J., Pierce, S., Pope, A., Tzeng, M., Villamizar, S., Yu, X., “Towards the Geoscience Paper of the Future: Best Practices for Documenting and Sharing Research from Data to Software to Provenance,” Earth and Space Science, 3, 2016.