NWS 2019 Spring Flood Update – March 14

The National Weather Service is monitoring runoff moving through the river systems. Some areas have reached or are nearing crest levels, while others are well on the way up. Forecasts will likely change as more information is gathered about how runoff is moving through the river system and how ice continues to affect the flows. View the latest situation report:

2019 Spring Flood Update – March 14

2019 Spring Flood Alerts

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Melting snowpack, saturated and frozen soil, ice jams, and forecasted rain on frozen ground could lead to localized flooding in Iowa in the next few days and weeks. Some rivers and streams are already at or approaching flood stage. Please be alert for flooding in your area and stay up-to-date with information provided on the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS): More information is also available on the Iowa Flood Center website:

IFIS is a free online suite of tools that allows all Iowans to access the latest local flood conditions. This user-friendly system displays up-to-the-minute community-specific information on rainfall, stream levels, and more, including:

  • Current flood warnings and stream forecasts
  • Real-time rainfall maps displaying current conditions and past accumulations
  • Real-time and historical stream-level data
  • Interactive visualizations

IFIS also provides flood inundation maps for 25 flood-prone communities across Iowa. These maps allow users to see what a forecasted flood crest would mean for their home or business. Maps are available for Ames, Cedar Rapids, Charles City, Clarksville, Columbus Junction, Des Moines, Elkader, Fort Dodge, Hills, Humboldt, Independence, Iowa City, Kalona, Manchester, Maquoketa, Mason City, Monticello, Ottumwa, Red Oak, Rock Rapids, Rock Valley, Spencer, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, and Waverly. The IFC develops new inundation maps every year, including two new maps being added this year for Plainfield and Greene.

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The National Weather Service released its first spring flood outlook of the season on Thursday. It shows that the risk of spring snowmelt flooding is considerably higher than average.

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