A man walks through a flooded farm field

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A new University of Iowa study says rising greenhouse gas concentrations caused by human activity are producing an increased frequency of a weather phenomenon that researchers call the “Midwest water hose.”

https://tinyurl.com/34992599Des Moines Register ,Published on: March 2nd, 2021
IFC Director Krajewski

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University of Iowa Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Iowa Flood Center Director Witold Krajewski has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his innovative research and leadership in flood prediction and mitigation.

https://now.uiowa.edu/2021/02/krajewski-elected-national-academy-engineeringIowa Now ,Published on: February 10th, 2021
A floodplain from above

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“My vision is to restore the landscape’s natural flood resiliency,” says Larry Weber, “If we can strategically construct farm ponds, wetlands, terraces, and other conservation practices, they can slow the movement of water through the landscape. That will mitigate flood damage for both urban and rural Iowans.”

https://www.deere.com/en/publications/the-furrow/2021/february-2021/anatomy-of-a-flood/John Deere,Published on: February 1st, 2021