KIMT: Flood Sensor Gives Early Warning

Flood Sensor Gives Early Warning

Residents in one North Iowa community will be more prepared the next time heavy floods hit the area.

The city of Greene, IA entered into a pilot program with the Iowa Flood Center to install a sensor on the Gates Bridge in Floyd County which is about five miles north of Greene.

The Shell Rock River flows right through Greene. With the sensor, city officials will be able to detect rising river levels upstream before the high water hits town.

“It’ll give us a little time and then we’ll know if it’s still coming up or going down or we’ll just at least have a little info to go by rather than having to put a stick out on the shore and seeing what’s going on,” said Greene City Clerk Jayne Knapp. “Anybody that has a business or house at least it gives them time to empty out their garage or get some of their equipment out of their shops or get their stuff moved up a little bit.”

The new sensor will cost the city $25 a month. Once the pilot program is over, the city will have the option to purchase the sensor at a reduced price.


Reported by KIMT News 3