IFC Researchers Dan Ceynar and Ray Hammond install a bridge sensor on Cedar Creek in south central Iowa.

Iowa Flood Center Story Map—A 10-Year Celebration!

In just 10 years, we’ve worked together with you to build a more flood-resilient state that is serving as a model for the nation. During this time, we’ve multiplied $13.8 million of state funding to secure nearly $127 million for flood-first projects directly benefiting Iowans. Thanks to the vision of our state legislators, Iowans have access to innovative tools, cutting-edge technologies, and reliable information to help them understand their flood risks and be prepared for flood events.

But floods in Iowa are changing. And we have more work to do.

Last year was Iowa’s second wettest since such records have been kept. Statewide average precipitation was almost 10 inches above normal, and 27 counties experienced their wettest year on record. Our world-renowned research facility and team of experts are capable of solving the state’s most complex water quantity challenges. The future of flooding is now—and we are ready.

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