IFloodS – Turkey River Watershed

Iowa Flood Center Rain Gauge

Iowa Flood Center rain gauge with soil moisture probe


The Iowa Flood Center is collaborating with NASA in the spring of 2013 on a project called Iowa Flood Studies or IFloodS – a project to enhance the understanding of precipitation events worldwide.

Turkey River Watershed Study Area

The Turkey River Watershed has been identified as the study area for a uniform deployment of 15-20 rain gauges with soil moisture probes throughout the watershed.

Site Selection

The Iowa Flood Center is seeking assistance from private landowners and public entities to find sites within the watershed to deploy the rain gauges for this project. Proposed locations must meet the following site requirements.

To suggest a site to locate a rain gauge in the Turkey River Watershed this spring, please complete the form below:

[gravityform id=”3″ name=”Turkey River Watershed IFloodS Sites” title=”false” description=”false”]



If you have additional questions regarding this project and site selection, please contact:

Sara Steussy, Iowa Flood Center

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