IFC to Offer CUENCAS Training

Hands-on Training with the Hydrological Modeling Software CUENCAS
The Iowa Flood Center, as part of its Educational Outreach Program, has announced a four-day personalized training workshop on the use of the Hydrological Model CUENCAS (http://old.iihr.uiowa.edu/~ricardo/cuencas.htm).

This workshop will provide training in the use of CUENCAS GIS for the analysis of river networks and hydrological modeling using high-resolution terrain maps and radar-rainfall derived distributed fields. It provides the knowledge needed to apply the software to any basin in the world where information on terrain, land cover, soil types, and rainfall is available.


Ricardo Mantilla, PhD
Research Engineer
IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering

Course Outline

Daily three-hour sessions offering hands-on training with the source code and daily project assignments to practice the skills acquired.

Day 1:

  • Basics of hydrological modeling (theory of water movement)
  • Basics of setting up, obtaining, and compiling CUENCAS source code

Day 2:

  • River basin analysis using interactive software
  • Data sources and database set-up
  • Develop and run basic scenarios of rainfall-runoff transformation using graphical user interface

Day 3:

  • Modifying source code of CUENCAS to create customized hillslope water storage and channel routing equations

Day 4:

  • Manipulating datasets to create “worst case” flooding scenarios
  • Estimation of the effect of land-cover change on peak flows


  • Experience with hydrological modeling
  • Background in hydrological sciences
  • Programming skills in Fortran, C++, or Java
  • Experience with GIS software

Course Cost


Payment information

Contact Teresa Gaffey at 319-335-6166 or Teresa-gaffey@uiowa.edu


Training times to be set up directly with the instructor, Ricardo Mantilla: 319-335-5941 or Ricardo-mantilla@uiowa.edu. Groups of up to five people will be allowed.