Iowa Flood Center Graduates

Graduates are sorted by name, degree attained, year of graduation, and thesis/dissertation title.


Jessica Ayers, PhD, 2021, On the Detection and Attribution of Changes in Baseflow Across the U.S. Midwest

Dongyoung Kim, PhD, 2021, Boundary Layer Transition Models for CFD: Contributions to Naval Hydrodynamics Applications

Ashley Knudson, MS, 2021, Flood Mitigation and Nutrient Reduction Benefits of Flood Control Wetlands

Hannah Molitor, PhD, 2021,

Anna Seeger, MS, 2021, Building Iowa City’s Stormwater Management Plan Through Comparative Interviews of Iowa Cities, Evaluation of Existing Stormwater Infrastructure, and Public Outreach

Adam Weis, MS, 2021, A Study of the Boone River Watershed: Linking an Agroecosystems Model with a Process-Based Hydrologic Model

Zhiqi Yang, PhD, 2021, Temporal Clustering of Heavy Precipitation Events


Michael John Hadacek, MS, 2020, Optimizing Laser Scanning Graphic User Interface for Versatile Application and Functionality

Zhi Hui, PhD, 2020, Quantifying the Occurrence, Attenuation Mechanisms, and Implications of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in a Temperate-Region Wastewater Effluent-Dominated Stream

Austin Krebill, PhD, 2020, Effect of Ship Motion on Ship Airwake Aerodynamics

Shivendra Prakash, PhD, 2020, A New Physics-Based Model for Guiding Bat Carcass Surveys at Wind Turbines

Maral Razmand, PhD, 2020, Development of a Tile Module for GHOST and Its Application

Sermet, PhD, 2020, Knowledge Generation and Communication in Intelligent and Immersive Systems: A Case Study on Flooding

Vahidzadeh, PhD, 2020, Employing Environmental Turbulence Measurements for Wind Energy and Snow Transport Models

Robyn Williams, MS, 2020, Modeling of a Nutrient Reduction Constructed Wetland in an Iowa Watershed Using Hydrological Simulation Program — FORTRAN


Iris Brenner, MS, 2019, Application of Storm Transposition to the Middle Cedar Watershed: A Reanalysis of the 2008 Cedar Rapids Flood

Anthony Emigh, MS, 2019, Predicting Floods from Space: A Case Study of Puerto Rico

Michael Krasowski, MS, 2019, Continuous Watershed-scale Hydrologic Modeling of Conservation Practices for Peak Flow Reduction

Max Brourman, MS, 2019, A Multijurisdictional Approach to Predicting Benefit-Cost Ratios for Flood Retention Wetlands in Rural Iowa

Nancy Barth, PhD, 2019, Flood Frequency and Mixed Populations in the Western United States

Gabriel Jaime Perez Mesa, PhD, 2019, Explaining the Physics Behind Regional Peak Flow Equations Using the Scaling Theory of Floods and River Network Descriptors

John Brammeier, MS, 2019, On the Performance of X-Band Dual-Polarization Radar-rainfall Estimation Algorithms During the SMAPVEX-16 Field Campaign


Chad Drake, PhD, 2018, A Study of Nitrogen Fate and Transport in Agricultural Landscapes at the Field, Wetland, and Watershed Scales

Lauren Grimley, MS, 2018, Urban and Rural Flood Forecasting: A Case Study of a Small Town in Iowa

Trevor Rundhaug, MS, 2018, Identification of Potential Conservation Practices and Hydrologic Modeling of the Upper Iowa Watershed

Greg Geimer, MS, 2018, Modeling of Conservation Practices on a HUC-12 Watershed Scale Using Hydrological Simulation Program – Fortran


Anthony Vecchi, MS, 2017, Development of Hydrologic and Water Quality Model of Cedar Creek

Andre Della Libera Zanchetta, MS, 2017, IFIS Model-Plus a Web-Based GUI for Visualization, Comparison and Evaluation of Distributed Hydrologic Model Outputs

Yibing Su, MS, 2017, Real-Time Prediction of Stream Water Temperature for Iowa

Enes Yildirim, MS, 2017, Hazus-HM Flood Loss Estimation on a Web-based System

Daniel Vicente Horna Munoz, PhD, 2017, Investigation of Floodwave Propagation over Natural Bathymetry Using A Three-Dimensional numerical Model.


Iman Mallakpour, PhD, 2016, The Tale of Flooding Over the Central United States

Stephanie Then, MS, 2016, A Hydrologic Assessment of Surface Ponding in a Drained Prairie Pothole Wetland

Munir Nayak, PhD, 2016, Heavy Rainfall and Flooding Associated with Atmospheric Rivers Over the Central United States


Federico Antolini, MA, 2015, Geospatial Modeling to Assess Location Suitability in a Detention System of Small Reservoirs

Tibebu Ayalew, PhD, 2015, Physical Basis of the Power-Law Spatial Scaling Structure of Peak Discharges

Karl Brauer, MS, 2015, A Hydrologic Model of Upper Roberts Creek and Exploration of the Potential Impacts of Conservation Practices

Muhieddine Kabbani, PhD, 2015, Using PCSWMM, to Simulate First Flush and Assess Performance of Extended Dry Detention Ponds as Structural Stormwater BMPS in a Large Polluted Urban Watershed 

David Koser, MS, 2015, Assessment of Flood Mitigation Strategies for the City of Kalona, IA

Lance Le, PhD, 2015, Modeling Stream Discharge and Nitrate Loading in the Iowa-Cedar River Basin Under Climate and Land Use Change 

Nicholas Leach, MS, 2015, Hydrologic Response of Land Use and Land Cover Changes

Kumar Mishra, PhD, 2015, Compressed Sensing Applied to Weather Radar

Nicholas Thomas, PhD, 2015, Simulating the Hydrologic Impact of Distributed Flood Mitigation Practices, Tile Drainage, and Terraces in an Agricultural Catchment

Haowen Xu, MS, 2015, Prototype Hydroinformatics-Based System for Supporting Decision Making in Culvert Design and Monitoring


Bo Chen, PhD, 2014, Analysis of hydrologic systems at multiple spatial scales and its implications for aggregating hydrologic process

Chad Drake, MS, 2014, Assessment of flood mitigation strategies for reducing peak discharges in the Upper Cedar River watershed

William Klingner, MS, 2014, The effects of increased infiltration and distributed storage on reducing peak discharges in an agricultural Iowa watershed: the Middle Raccoon River.

Scott Rowe, MS, 2014, The predictability of Iowa’s hydroclimate through analog forecasts.

Tesfalem Tsegay Tekle, MS, 2014, Ultrasonic stream bridge sensors (USBS) error in water level estimation.

Riley Mondloch, MS, 2014, Characterization of Agricultural Floodplain Scour Using One-Dimensional Hydraulic Simulation


Chi Chi Choi, MS, 2013, Coupled hydrologic and hydraulic models and applications.

Kyutae Lee, PhD, 2013, Evaluation of methodologies for continuous discharge monitoring in unsteady open-channel flows.

Rebecca Sheler, MS, 2013, The impact of agricultural drainage systems on hydrologic responses.

Matthew Wunsch, MS, 2013, Distributed storage modeling in Soap Creek for flood control and agricultural practices.


Jared Barr, MS, 2012, A multiscale investigation of the role of variability in cross-sectional properties and side tributaries of flood routing.

Matthew Kemp, MS, 2012, A FM-CW microwave radar for rainfall applications.

Luciana Kindl da Cunha, PhD, 2012, Exploring the benefits of satellite remote sensing for flood prediction across scales.

Benjamin Reith, MS, 2012, Flood risk analysis for the Iowa Statewide Floodplain Mapping Project.

Piotr Domaszczynski, PhD, 2012, Performance Evaluation of a Network of Polarimetric X-Band Radars used for Rainfall Simulation


Travis Baxter, MS, 2011, Engineering and legal aspects of a distributed storage flood mitigation system in Iowa.

Timothy Middlemis-Brown, MS, 2011, Assessing and augmenting emergency response: A study of the current methods and potential changes to flood response in the State of Iowa.

Nicholas Sitter, MS, 2011, Two-wire, low component count soil temperature sensor.

Nicholas Thomas, MS, 2011, Standard methods for the Iowa Statewide Floodplain Mapping Program.

Matthew Moore, MS, 2010, Development of a High Resolution 1D/2D Coupled Flood Simulation of Charles City, Iowa

Maria Fernanda Perez Gonzalez, 2010, MS, Use of CUENCAS Hydrological Model in Simulating the Effects of Land Use Change on the 2008 Flooding Event in the Turkey River Watershed



Daniel Gilles, MS, 2010, Application of numerical models for improvement of flood preparedness.

James Niemeier, PhD, 2010, Radio in hydroscience: Unconventional links and new sensor possibilities.

Matt Moore, MS, 2010, Development of a high-resolution 1D/2D coupled flood simulation of Charles City, Iowa.

Jesse Piotrowski, MS, 2010, Development of a high-resolution two-dimensional urban/rural flood simulation.

Bong Chul Seo, PhD, 2010, Towards a better representation of radar-rainfall: Filling gaps in understanding uncertainties.

Toby Hunemuller, MS, 2010, Review and Analysis of the National Weather Service River Forecasts for the June 2008 Eastern Iowa Floods


Pradeep Mandapaka Venkata, PhD, 2009, Role of Rainfall Variability in the Statistical Structure of Peak Flows