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Iowa Transplant

Marcela Rojas, an engineer at IFC, traveled far and wide before joining the flood center where she brings accurate and up-to-date flood information to Iowans.

Scale-Dependent Value of QPF for Real-Time Streamflow Forecasting

Incorporating rainfall forecasts into a real-time streamflow forecasting system extends the forecast lead time.  This study explores the problem systematically, exploring the uncertainties associated with QPFs and their hydrologic predictability. The focus is on scale dependence of the trade-off between the QPF time horizon, basin-scale, space-time scale of the QPF, and streamflow forecasting accuracy. To […]

Real-Time Flood Mapping on Client-Side Web Systems Using HAND Model

The Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) model is used to analyze soil and predict flood inundation extents. HAND produced inundation maps comparable to advanced hydrodynamic models in practice in Iowa, and would be helpful in the absence of detailed hydrological data.