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Streamflow Forecasting without Models

The authors used 16 years of river measurements to explore persistence in streamflow forecasting based on the real-time streamflow observations.

Exploring Persistence in Streamflow Forecasting

This paper explores three approaches for streamflow forecasting: simple persistence, gradient persistence, and anomaly persistence. The basin scales clearly have an impact on the persistence modeling and a weaker, but non‐negligible dependence on geometric properties of the river network for a given basin.

Analysis of Stage–Discharge Relationship Stability Based on Historical Ratings

The article explores the stability of the rating curves at six streamflow gauging sites in the state of Iowa, USA, to examine temporal variability of their stage–discharge relationships. The analyzed sites have up to 10 years of rating and shift records. Rating curve shifts reflect the alteration of channel geometry caused by scouring and sediment […]

Investigating the Role of Antecedent SMAP Satellite Soil Moisture, Radar Rainfall and MODIS Vegetation on Runoff Production in an Agricultural Region

The goal of the paper is to confirm relationships identified by a paper written in 2017 (Crow et al.) that relates antecedent soil moisture to runoff production. The paper investigates total runoff production during individual rainfall-runoff events in agricultural landscapes as a function of antecedent soil moisture, total rainfall, and vegetation cover for catchments in […]

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