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Development of Synthetic Rating Curves: Case Study in Iowa

The authors of the case study discuss an economically feasible approach to generate synthetic rating curves that enhance utility of stage-only river gauges. There are 250 bridge-mounted river-stage sensors deployed by IFC in Iowa. Those sensors, in concert with USGS and other related sensor data, are used to determine discharge and other errors or triumphs […]

Insights On Streamflow Predictability Across Scales Using Horizontal Visibility Graph Based Networks

The authors characterize the dynamics associated with streamflow time-series data from 64 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) unregulated stream-gauge stations in the state of Iowa. They employ a novel approach called visibility graph (VG) that uses the concept of mapping time series into complex networks to investigate the time evolutionary behavior of dynamical systems.

Exploring Persistence in Streamflow Forecasting

This paper explores three approaches for streamflow forecasting: simple persistence, gradient persistence, and anomaly persistence. The basin scales clearly have an impact on the persistence modeling and a weaker, but non‐negligible dependence on geometric properties of the river network for a given basin.