The Iowa Flood Center … Serving Iowans with Innovative Tools and Reliable Information

Thanks to the Iowa Legislature’s leadership and foresight in creating the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) in 2009, Iowans have access to the latest technology and resources to help them prepare for floods and become more resilient to their effects. The center’s outward-facing philosophy focuses on providing direct services to benefit the people of Iowa. The IFC is actively engaged in flood-related projects that help Iowans understand their flood risks and make better flood-related decisions.

The IFC puts science-based information and technology in the hands of Iowa’s decision-makers, emergency managers, home- and business-owners, and the general public. Our work is accessible to everyone through the online Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS). The IFC is part of the University of Iowa College of Engineering. IFC researchers, staff, and students strive to develop the most advanced tools and projects to improve Iowas flood preparedness and resiliency, and to reduce future flooding.

Have you heard? People are talking about the Iowa Flood Center!

Reliable Information for Iowans

“MidAmerican relies on stream gauge data, inundation mapping, IFIS, and the updated statewide floodplain maps to guide operations, emergency response, and regulatory compliance activities.”—Jesse Leckband, MidAmerican Energy

Filling in the Gaps

“The stream gauge sensors are very helpful to fill in the gaps where USGS gauges don’t exist … Inundation maps have proven to be invaluable.”—Justin Gehrts, KCRG-TV

Accurate Data

“Many of our operations are in the floodplain of the Cedar and Wapsi Rivers, thus accurate real-time flood data is critical to managing the aggregate needs for east-central Iowa.”—John Tuthill, Wendling Quarries

A Good Investment

“The Iowa Flood Center’s work saves untold millions of dollars in helping to prevent the damage, loss of economic activity, and even potential loss of life that comes with Iowa’s most common natural disasters.”—Des Moines Register Editorial

Partnering with the IFC

“As chairman of the Turkey River Watershed Management Authority, I can say with the utmost confidence that without the guidance and partnership of the IFC, the TRWMA could not have developed its watershed resiliency plan and implementation of that plan.”—Rod Marlatt, Turkey River WMA

Impressive Resources

“We are observing firsthand the impressive resources that IFC can bring to bear on the scientific management of watersheds, flood response, and hydrology.”—Joe Artz, Earthview Environmental Consulting

We Rely on the IFC

“Winneshiek County relies on the Iowa Flood Center for up-to-date information, especially during flood events.”—Jon Lubke, Winneshiek County

Confidence During the Flood

“The IFC has been very beneficial to the city of Cedar Falls. Being able to answer questions with a high level of confidence when a flood is occurring is invaluable.”—Cory Hines, City of Cedar Falls

Staying Safe

“During the floods of 2016, I checked IFIS hourly to ensure friends and family across the state were aware of the flooding threats in their area and remained safe. When searching for my new home, I utilized IFIS regularly to check the flood threat for each potential property.”—Isaac Schrock, Iowa City resident