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Thoughts go out to Harvey flood victims

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with those impacted by the devastating floods caused by Hurricane Harvey.   Iowans remember the 2008 floods that wreaked havoc across our state. Through the chaos, we came together and built back a more resilient Iowa. Iowa Flood Center experts reflect on the extreme flooding in Texas: IFC Director Witold Krajewski compares… Continue Reading »

Become a Citizen Scientist—Help Researchers Understand Precipitation

The NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory is collecting public weather reports through a free app available for smart phones or mobile devices. The app is called “mPING,” for Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground. Members of the public become “citizen scientists” by contributing their observations of weather reports such as wind speed, precipitation types, hail sizes, and floods… Continue Reading »

Concerns About Flooding Carry Into Next Week

Jim Clark, City of Sioux City Emergency Management Coordinator, and Witold Krajewski, Iowa Flood Center, talk with Emily Woodbury during this “Talk of Iowa” interview about flooding around the state and if we’re getting any better at handling flood waters.

Spring Flooding Concerns

Krajewski says the snow this year has been different, as it’s been mostly dry snow. He says that will affect how and when the snow melts. He says melting snow isn’t as big of a concern as the permafrost, the amount of frozen ground beneath the soil caused by the numerous subzero days we’ve had.

Iowa Water Conference

Iowa Flood Center participation at the 2013 Iowa Water Conference will include: Presentations Witold Krajewski, IFC Director,Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS): Enhancing the Satellite-based Observations of Precipitation Events Larry Weber, IIHR Director & IFC Co-founder, Iowa Watersheds Project: Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Watershed Projects to Reduce Flood Severity and Frequency in Iowa Research Presentations IFC researchers will present on their latest work. Booth Display… Continue Reading »

Iowa Flood Center Webinar: IFloodS Overview

The Iowa Flood Center will host an informational webinar regarding the Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) on Thursday, February 28, from 3:30 – 4:30 PM. Witold Krajewski, Iowa Flood Center Director, will provide an overview of IFloodS, share online resources, and discuss opportunities for collaboration and engagement. IFloodS is a field experiment being conducted in northeast… Continue Reading »

Hazards on the Hill

The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) has been invited to participate in the National Science Foundation’s “Hazards on the Hill” Event.  The event is co-hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Bill Nelson, Chair of the Senate Commerce Science and Space Subcommittees. Witold Krajewski, Director of the IFC, and Larry Weber, Director of IIHR-Hydroscience &… Continue Reading »

Krajewski Named Director of Iowa Flood Center

University of Iowa News Release The University of Iowa has named Witold Krajewski, professor of civil and environmental engineering in the College of Engineering and research engineer at IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, as director of the new Iowa Flood Center, effective immediately. IIHR Director Larry Weber said that Krajewski, who also holds the Rose & Joseph Summers Chair… Continue Reading »

Press Citizen: UI to Host Iowa Flood Center

Legislators OK $1.3M Bill By Rachel Gallegos Iowa City Press-Citizen State legislators approved a bill Saturday evening that includes $1.3 million for an Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa. “We’re very happy to be able to accomplish this,” said Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City. “We think it’s a really important piece of our… Continue Reading »