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Iowa Water Conference

Iowa Flood Center participation at the 2013 Iowa Water Conference will include: Presentations Witold Krajewski, IFC Director,Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS): Enhancing the Satellite-based Observations of Precipitation Events Larry Weber, IIHR Director & IFC Co-founder, Iowa Watersheds Project: Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Watershed Projects to Reduce Flood Severity and Frequency in Iowa Research Presentations IFC researchers will present on their latest work. Booth Display… Continue Reading »

Iowa Watershed Projects: Soap & Chequest Creek Kickoff Meeting

Residents in the Soap Creek and Chequest Creek watersheds are invited to attend a community kickoff meeting to learn more about the Iowa Watershed Projects, a multi-year study aimed at reducing the adverse impacts of flooding. The kickoff meeting is scheduled for June 13 at the Great Prairie AEA, Ottumwa, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.… Continue Reading »