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Project AWARE Education Session: The Iowa Flood Center

Introduction to the Iowa Flood Center (IFC), the 100+ IFC stream gauges designed, constructed, and installed across Iowa, and an overview/tutorial of an online tool, the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) created for the Iowa public. The tool allows easy access to a map based combination of radar image overlays, watershed boundaries, stream sensor data (IFC, USGS, USACE), and inundation maps empowering individuals to make informed decisions about potential flood threats.

Flood Inundation Map: Mason City

Center Develops Web-Based Flood Map for Mason City A new web-based flood preparedness tool developed at the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) can help Mason City residents know what to expect from the Winnebago River at times of high flows. The new Mason City flood inundation maps are available to the public on the Internet through… Continue Reading »