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IFC stream sensor used to track flooding on the Poudre River

The Iowa Flood Center’s stream monitoring network is gaining interest across the country. Through a partnership with Riverside Technology Inc., the Iowa Flood Center received funding and support to deploy a stream stage sensor on the Poudre River in Colorado. The sensor has been deployed as part of a pilot project to improve flood awareness… Continue Reading »

Raising AWAREness

Project AWARE participants, including IFC’s Dan Ceynar, removed waste and raised awareness while paddling the Big Sioux River in July.

Poisoned Rivers and Lakes

Imagine if people felt free to throw their garbage into your home. Imagine how the swan feels in a nest overwhelmed by trash, or the sea turtle who has to swim through a mass of plastic refuse. Now imagine we can do something about it. That’s exactly what IIHR Engineer Dan Ceynar hopes kids will… Continue Reading »

Project AWARE Education Session: The Iowa Flood Center

Introduction to the Iowa Flood Center (IFC), the 100+ IFC stream gauges designed, constructed, and installed across Iowa, and an overview/tutorial of an online tool, the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) created for the Iowa public. The tool allows easy access to a map based combination of radar image overlays, watershed boundaries, stream sensor data (IFC, USGS, USACE), and inundation maps empowering individuals to make informed decisions about potential flood threats.