Autonomous Parsivel Units (APUs) – IFloodS

APUs measure the size, shape and number of raindrops. They can be considered as a “super rain gauge.”

Autonomous Parsivel Unit

Number of sites needed


Site Requirements

Site must have access to direct sunlight (required).

Internet access (if available). If hardwired Internet access is not available, NASA and IFC will consider installing a radio link for real time data transmission (see the small dish in the photo).

Site Access

Iowa Flood Center and NASA staff will install the APUs and visit the site weekly during the project period. Visits may occur more frequently depending on weather conditions.

Deployment Dates

4/1/13 – 7/1/13
Depending on weather conditions, units could be installed as early as mid-March.

To express interest in serving as a host site for instrumentation, contact:
Sara Steussy, Iowa Flood Center, 319-394-1875.