Iowa Flood Studies

The Iowa Flood Center served as the host for NASA’s Iowa Flood Studies or IFloodS – a NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission to provide better understanding of the strengths and limitations of satellite products, in the context of hydrologic applications.

As part of this mission, NASA, the Iowa Flood Center, and additional researchers deployed a number of scientific instruments across northeastern Iowa from May through mid-June during the spring of 2013 to collect high quality data.

Study Areas

Cedar and Iowa River Basins

One large NASA NPOL radar was stationed near Waterloo and additional instruments for measuring rainfall were be placed in the following eastern Iowa counties: Benton, Blackhawk, Hamilton, Hardin, Iowa, Linn, Marshall, and Tama.

South Fork Iowa River

A network of rain gauge and soil moisture platforms in coordination with the Agricultural Research Service and NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) community were deployed.

Turkey River Basin

The Turkey River Watershed was the study area for a uniform deployment of 20 rain gauges with soil moisture probes and two Iowa Flood Center XPOL weather radars.

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