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New Video Focuses on Iowa Watershed Approach

A new video tells the story of the just-ending Iowa Watersheds Project (IWP) and a new statewide project, the Iowa Watershed Approach, which is supported by a $96.9M HUD grant for a statewide watershed improvement program.

$1.5M Grants to Benefit Residents of Three Iowa Watersheds

The Iowa Flood Center has announced that the Soap and Chequest Creek, Turkey River, and Upper Cedar River watersheds will each receive a $1.5 million grant for construction of watershed improvement projects to support flood mitigation.

The IFC Iowa Floodplain Mapping Group

Mapping the Future

The Iowa Flood Center is partnering with the Iowa DNR in an effort to update floodplain maps for 85 of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Iowa Watersheds Project

The five-year project will engage partners and watersheds across the state to lessen the frequency and severity of flooding in Iowa.