Nathan Young

Associate Director

I am associate director of the Iowa Flood Center, and an associate research engineer at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering. I am involved in IFC’s floodplain mapping activities, which include community-based floodplain map libraries for disaster preparedness and a statewide effort to create and update regulatory floodplain maps, conducted in coordination with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

My other research interests are related to ecohydraulics. My experiences include laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, and field measurements related to passage of juvenile salmonids through hydroelectric projects on the Snake and Coulumbia Rivers, the physical habitat requirements of freshwater mussels in the Upper Mississippi River and the Mississippi Delta region, and fate and transport of nitrogen in Mississippi River backwaters.



319 384-1732
319 335-5238
423C SHL
Research Interests:
ecohydraulics, field measurements