Larry Weber


I am a professor of civil and environmental engineering and hold the Edwin B. Green Chair in Hydraulics. I currently serve as the Executive Associate Dean of the UI College of Engineering. With director Witold Krajewski, I have been active in the creation and development of the IFC through work with the Iowa Legislature, who initially appropriated $1.3M/year for the IFC beginning in FY2010, and increased its funding to $1.5M/year starting in FY2012.  Additionally, I have been active in IFC programs for statewide floodplain mapping and watershed projects for flood damage reduction.

My research interests include combining hydro-dynamic data and biological data of fish response, applying computational fluid dynamics codes to natural river reaches and hydraulic structures, and fundamental principles of plunging jets and combining open channel flows.

As service to the State of Iowa, I am a member of the Water Resources Coordinating Council, serve on numerous state and federal agency committees related to water resources planning and frequently present to community groups on water resources related topics.

306 SHL
Research Interests:
computational hydraulics, fish passage facilities, hydropower, ice mechanics, physical modeling, river hydraulics, watershed modeling