Ricardo Mantilla

Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and an associate research engineer at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, both at the University of Iowa. My research interests are in surface hydrology. I began working at IIHR just a few months before Eastern Iowa’s historic floods in 2008.

My main work for the Iowa Flood Center over the last few years has been on the development of a statewide flood forecasting system (IFC-FFS) using fine scale distributed hydrological models. The statewide implementation of the distributed model requires that the equations describing water movement in the landscape be solved using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources. Some of the results from the model are made available to the public through the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) web platform. The new science and technologies powering the systems allow us to explore previous flood events and dissect the chain of causality that create floods in Iowa. The video below is an example that shows the evolution of the floods of 2014 in Iowa.

For more information about Ricardo and his work, visit his IIHR Professional Website.

523-E SHL
Research Interests:
river networks, surface hydrology