Tony Loeser

Water Resources Engineer


I develop hydrologic models to simulate how rainfall is transformed into streamflow (the when, where, and how much water questions) and hydraulic models that simulate how rivers will behave based on how much water is flowing. This information allows communities to evaluate and potentially reduce flood risk, helps emergency managers and community personnel make decisions during an ongoing flood event, and allows individuals to assess risk at a safety and personal property level. I also build and test scale models of complex hydraulic structures in IIHR’s physical modeling shop. We conduct model testing for numerous reasons, such as to evaluate existing performance, replicate observed problems in the field, and identify retrofit solutions, as well as to test concept designs for future structures.

I am an advocate for professionals to participate in outreach and education events. I regularly participate in these events to help others learn more about and gain a deeper appreciation for our water resources. I have engaged in events with audiences from grade levels K-12, college students, and citizens within our communities.


(319) 353-0739
307 Trowbridge Hall