Tony Loeser

Water Resources Engineer

I am a water resources engineer, working primarily on the Iowa Statewide Floodplain Mapping Project. Within this project, I perform watershed-scale hydrologic analyses to compute annual exceedance discharges for streams within the watershed. These discharge estimates are used by Iowa Flood Center staff, including myself, to produce flood inundation maps based on each volume of water passing through the stream network.

I recently completed an MS degree in water resources engineering at the University of Idaho, where I researched the application of bio-engineered streambank stabilization techniques utilizing only fully-rooted native vegetation to stabilize eroding streambanks on Idaho’s Lower Henrys Fork River. This was an interdisciplinary effort that analyzed using the vegetation as an engineering medium to resist shearing forces from streamflow and waves. As well, it was an ecological analysis that determined the appropriate native vegetation for use and how to quickly establish robust vegetative communities on the streambanks, providing both ecological and engineering function.

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