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UI center has flood maps for Iowa

December rains are causing trepidation across Iowa. Temperatures far above seasonal averages and a heavy dose of rainfall have inundated the state with water, at a time of year when the extra moisture yields more runoff than usual. Since this weekend, about 100 flood warnings have been issued across Iowa as creeks, streams, and rivers… Continue Reading »


New tools on IFIS are available to assist with flooding

In response to the flooding situation in Eastern Iowa, the Iowa Flood Center wants to remind you of the valuable tools and resources available on the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) web application. These tools exist to provide people with information to help them prepare for and respond quickly to flood events. A short video… Continue Reading »


IFC offers online tools to prepare Iowans for flooding

Heavy rainfall Wednesday evening into Thursday morning has caused significant flooding for numerous communities in north central Iowa. The city of Cedar Rapids is preparing for its second worst flood event; the Cedar River is expected to crest at 24.1 feet, compared to 31.1 feet during the 2008 floods. The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at… Continue Reading »