UI center has flood maps for Iowa

December rains are causing trepidation across Iowa. Temperatures far above seasonal averages and a heavy dose of rainfall have inundated the state with water, at a time of year when the extra moisture yields more runoff than usual. Since this weekend, about 100 flood warnings have been issued across Iowa as creeks, streams, and rivers… Continue Reading »

Refinement of the Fread Method for Improved Tracking of Stream Discharges during Unsteady Flows

This paper presents an extension of the Fread method that improves the accuracy associated with the estimation of conveyance factor and energy slope. K. Lee, M. Muste, “Refinement of the Fread Method for Improved Tracking of Stream Discharges during Unsteady Flows,” American Society of Civil Engineers, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0001280.

Toward the Geoscience Paper of the Future: Best practices for documenting and sharing research from data to software to provenance

Geoscientists now live in a world rich with digital data and methods, and their computational research cannot be fully captured in traditional publications. The Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) presents an approach to fully document, share, and cite all their research products including data, software, and computational provenance. This article proposes best practices for… Continue Reading »

Real-Time Flood Forecasting and Information System for the State of Iowa

The Iowa Flood Center has developed an interactive, online tool for sharing real-time flood forecasting information with Iowans. The online system complements flood forecasts produced by the National Weather Service and offers a multitude of additional features and resources including flood inundation maps, real-time river stage data from over 200 IFC stream sensors, and real-time flood… Continue Reading »