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Deployment and Performance Analyses of High-Resolution Iowa XPOL Radar System during the NASA IFloodS Campaign

This article presents the data collected and analyzed using the University of Iowa’s X-band weather radars that were part of the spring 2013 Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) field campaign, sponsored by the NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite mission. Mishra, K.V.,  W.F. Krajewski, R. Goska, D. Ceynar, B.-C. Seo,  A. Kruger, J. Niemeier, M.B. Galvez,… Continue Reading »

Iowa Flood Center Deploys Rain Gauges

IFC researchers have designed and installed 20 state-of-the-art rain gauges with soil moisture probes in the Turkey River watershed in northeast Iowa, with a few more gauges in the South Fork of the Iowa River watershed (Franklin, Hamilton, and Hardin counties) and the Walnut Creek watershed (Jasper County).

IFloodS: NPOL Radar on the Ground

NASA and Iowa Flood Center staff have been busy deploying instrumentation to field locations in the Cedar, Iowa, and Turkey River watersheds in preparation for the campaign.

Flood Damage Reduction in Soap Creek

Iowa Flood Center researchers will provide an update on the Iowa Watersheds Project and share results of their work including the impact the built structures in Soap Creek have had on reducing flow and flood damages in the watershed. As part of the initial phase of the Iowa Watersheds Project, the Iowa Flood Center is… Continue Reading »

Guest Lecture: Is it Going to Rain Tomorrow?

Gabriele Villarini from the University of Iowa, IIHR – Hydroscience and Engineering Program and the Iowa Flood Center, will give a lecture titled “Is it Going to Rain Tomorrow? Heavy Rainfall and Flooding over the Central United States,” at 7 pm on April 4 in Valders Hall of Science, Room 262, Luther College. Villarini will… Continue Reading »

Iowa Flood Center Webinar: IFloodS Overview

The Iowa Flood Center will host an informational webinar regarding the Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) on Thursday, February 28, from 3:30 – 4:30 PM. Witold Krajewski, Iowa Flood Center Director, will provide an overview of IFloodS, share online resources, and discuss opportunities for collaboration and engagement. IFloodS is a field experiment being conducted in northeast… Continue Reading »

Micro Rain Radars (MRRs) – IFloodS

MRRs measure the velocity and size of raindrops and show the vertical (overhead) extent of precipitation and clouds. Number of sites needed 3 Site Requirements Site must have access to a power source, 120 VAC at 2 amps (required). Internet access (if available). Site Access Iowa Flood Center and NASA staff will install the radars… Continue Reading »

Two-Dimensional Video Disdrometers (2DVDs) – IFloodS

2DVDs will measure the size, shape, speed and number of raindrops. Number of sites needed 5 Site Requirements Site must have access to a power source, 120 VAC at 4 amps (required). Internet access (if available). Site Access Iowa Flood Center and NASA staff will install the 2DVDs and visit the site daily during the… Continue Reading »

Autonomous Parsivel Units (APUs) – IFloodS

APUs measure the size, shape and number of raindrops. They can be considered as a “super rain gauge.” Number of sites needed 16 Site Requirements Site must have access to direct sunlight (required). Internet access (if available). If hardwired Internet access is not available, NASA and IFC will consider installing a radio link for real… Continue Reading »

Rain Gauges with Soil Moisture Probes – IFloodS

Rain gauges, designed by the Iowa Flood Center, will measure rainfall amounts and moisture and temperature of the soil. The data will be transmitted every 15 minutes via a cell phone which is part of the system. Number of sites needed 25 Site Requirements Site must have access to direct sunlight (required). For gauges equipped… Continue Reading »

Iowa Water Conference

Iowa Flood Center participation at the 2013 Iowa Water Conference will include: Presentations Witold Krajewski, IFC Director,Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS): Enhancing the Satellite-based Observations of Precipitation Events Larry Weber, IIHR Director & IFC Co-founder, Iowa Watersheds Project: Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Watershed Projects to Reduce Flood Severity and Frequency in Iowa Research Presentations IFC researchers will present on their latest work. Booth Display… Continue Reading »