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New Flood Preparedness Tool for Waterloo, Cedar Falls

A dynamic, new online flood preparedness tool which will help emergency managers improve flood warnings and response has been developed for the Cedar River at Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa. The National Weather Service collaborated with the Iowa Flood Center to develop a library of flood inundation maps for the Cedar River.

Poisoned Rivers and Lakes

Imagine if people felt free to throw their garbage into your home. Imagine how the swan feels in a nest overwhelmed by trash, or the sea turtle who has to swim through a mass of plastic refuse. Now imagine we can do something about it. That’s exactly what IIHR Engineer Dan Ceynar hopes kids will… Continue Reading »

Be Prepared for Flood Dangers

National Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 16-22, 2014. Learn about the importance of preparing for a flood before it strikes and teach the actions you should take when faced with a flooding situation.

Iowa Flood Center Deploys Rain Gauges

IFC researchers have designed and installed 20 state-of-the-art rain gauges with soil moisture probes in the Turkey River watershed in northeast Iowa, with a few more gauges in the South Fork of the Iowa River watershed (Franklin, Hamilton, and Hardin counties) and the Walnut Creek watershed (Jasper County).

Improving Flood Forecasting

Ground data now being collected in northeastern Iowa by the Iowa Flood Studies experiment will evaluate how well NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission satellite rainfall data can be used for flood forecasting.

Complicated Waters: Mapping Kalona

The floodplain maps for Kalona underwent another round of revisions when the IFC team applied a major precipitation event to the model. This added layer of complexity better shows where the true risk is, Weber explained. “We wanted to be able to provide the best kind of map.”

Flood Inundation Map: Mason City

Center Develops Web-Based Flood Map for Mason City A new web-based flood preparedness tool developed at the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) can help Mason City residents know what to expect from the Winnebago River at times of high flows. The new Mason City flood inundation maps are available to the public on the Internet through… Continue Reading »

Fire Near Radar

One of the Iowa Flood Center’s four state-of-the-art mobile weather radar units, stationed at the landfill, is close to the fire still burning at the landfill, although it is currently in no danger, says IFC Director Witold Krajewski.